Water and Storm Damage

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Our powerful truck mounted machines will extract any excess water, we’ll remove the pad and blow air under the carpet to aid in drying whenever necessary. Next come the heavy-duty fans and dehumidifiers to help dry the area. We’ll leave the equipment as long as necessary to ensure the least damage and quickest recovery. 

We’ll return the next day to monitor progress and will return daily (except Sunday’s) to monitor the drying process. 

Once dry, we will clean the carpet, disinfect with an anti-microbial disinfectant, use ozone, or an atomizer room freshener and make your place look and smell fresh and clean again. We’ll also replace the padding and repair the carpet where necessary.

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Injector Dryers

Perhaps a resident lit a candle which set off the fire alarm and drenched that unit and the 3 beneath it. Water flows downhill and will flow down the walls, into the ceilings and flooring until it hits the bottom. Instead of ripping out all the drywall, we can make a small hole and inject the ceiling and walls with air to dry it out, thus saving you money and preventing mold growth.

Large Flood Damage

For disasters and large floods, we are the only company to have The Incinerator. It’s patented BlowThru technology can remove more than 250 gallons of water a day! No other dehumidifier or flood remediation equipment can do that! This alleviates a lot of structure loss saving wood flooring, drywall and tile. It also rescues fine furnishings, documents and personal belongings to help you get life back to normal fast!

Thermal Imaging

If you don’t know where a leak is coming from, we can use our thermal imaging camera and find out just how bad it is.

Storm Damage

You never know when a huge storm is going to drop a lot of water. Storm drains can get backed up or can’t handle the large amount of water. This can overflow into buildings, homes and create lakes in former parking lots.

We can extract the water both in and out and help dry out any interiors that need attention. We can install a sump pump to keep the situation under control until repairs are made or you no longer need it.

Technology We Use

We have the right equipment to do the job right. From large facility and multiple apartment dry outs using the Incinerator, to injector dryers to dry out behind the walls, dehumidifiers and fans for a small sink over flow, to just extraction only, we’ve got you covered. We’re fast and reasonably priced compared to major chains.

"I’d been having ongoing problems with one of my apartments. It kept getting wet along the outside wall and coming in when it rained, but there was no standing water, so I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I called Liz and she suggested they do a water assessment using that special thermal camera. 

The report found water coming down from the roof, into the wall from an outdoor light! At least now I knew what to do! Thank you Jet city!"


MANAGER, SKS Apartments​

A Jet City


Lake 120

"We’d been carpet cleaning at a property in Everett for about 2 years when the Seattle area had a series of heavy rain storms. The parking lot of this community was flooded by about a foot deep of water over a very large area. It kept rising, getting dangerously close to entering resident’s homes. The drain was clogged, and they couldn’t get the situation under control and get it fixed. Jet City to the rescue!

We brought in our sump pump and ran it for two days, as the rain didn’t stop. The water was successfully pumped out and they caught a break with no rain for a couple days and managed to fix the drain. Two days later, it rained again, and the drain did its job. No more Lake 120!"


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