Underground Garage Cleaning

It’s Cyclone Clean!

New Cyclone technology is 135 mph wind and hot water to scour clean concrete and asphalt with no run off or residue. It’s not like any cleaning you’ve seen!

what we do

Jet City's Cyclone 5500 pressure washes clean underground garages, parking lots, pervious concrete, sidewalks, walkways, courtyards shopping centers and courtyards. Curb cleaning, asphalt cleaning before striping, automotive shops floors, grease removal, industrial sites, factory floors, tire mark removal, gas stations and automotive shop floors. Cleans brick and stone and corrugated concrete.

We used the Cyclone walk-behind for this one.

Technology We Use

We are the only company in Western Washington with the Cyclone 5500; a Category 4 hurricane with 135 mph wind and hot water to blast and scour clean surfaces with no damage. It recovers all this waste and water leaving no pooling, no run off or residue and all with just one pass. The air lifts the water and debris off the surface which is contained, and the water recycled by a multi-stage filtration system. This minimizes water usage and extends the cleaning by filtering out the contaminates and converting the water back to clean, reusable water, making it the most environmentally responsible way to pressure wash.


"If I didn’t see if for myself I would think its not possible,

this wind and water thing. Not only did it do a great job, it did it quickly in the time frame we didn’t think was going to happen! Thank you, Jet City, that is a really neat machine!”

— Dan —

Maintenance supervisor, avenue 5

A Jet City


"Our first job was in the worst garage we have done yet. It was corkscrew in its design and had not been cleaned in the 47 years since it was built.

This job taught us quick that the Cyclone walk behind is too heavy to push uphill and the Cyclone 5500 needs a smooth surface to work well. It cannot go over speed bumps. It does such a great job getting up the layers of grease and grime. 

It took 2 days to do 13 levels and the end result was fantastic. They were very happy."


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