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How Jade’s saves owners thousands on carpet restoration

We Can’t Make A New Carpet Out Of Old Rags - But Pretty Close.

We’ve seen it all. There are different carpet grades, with wool being the best, then nylon and polyester. Our extensive industry experience pays off here, as each type of carpet has its own personality.

While we can’t make a new carpet out of an old rag, we can restore it and many times, save you from having to replace it. We can do any kind of carpet repair including dyeing to make it look better if not like new again, patching, clamp bars, transition strips and tack strips.

Our trained technicians have seen a lot and will know what to suggest to save your bottom line. We can do whatever you need!


We love our pets! But pets are hard on carpets. We use a special spot remover, urine and feces clean up, and flea eradication. Sometimes the smell can be overwhelming, so we have ozone to help with not only pet and urine odors, but curry, cigarette odors and other strong aromas. To get the room fresh smelling we use room atomizers.


Technology with Elbow Grease

For dirty carpets we use the Rotovac machine, also called a power scrub, to clean dirty heavily soiled areas. For really dirty carpets with ground in grime and stains we use the RX20 machine to get down deep. It’s 5 circulating steam suction heads scour carpets to get up the hard-to-clean ground in dirt. Heavy traffic areas and floods can stretch out carpets leaving ripples and loose areas. We can pull or cut the carpet to make it fit and use clamp bars, patch up cigarette burns or holes and replace the padding if your carpet is lumpy or full of pet odors. We also re-dye carpets to make them look like new or make them more cohesive to sun damaged areas. Make sure to check out our other Seattle area services, including bed bug heat treatments.

“They’re my go-to company for all things carpet cleaning and repair.

Fun to work with — and I trust them.



A Jet City


"One time a property in Everett had a disgruntled eviction that left their feelings on the carpet with blue spray paint.  Maintenance thought for sure they would have to replace the carpet.

By the time the boss was done, there was no evidence of attitude at all!"


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