Pervious Concrete Cleaning

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The Cyclone To The Rescue!

Pervious concrete is permeable concrete that allows water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through, thereby reducing the runoff from a site. Over time it can get clogged and if not regularly cleaned, can stop absorbing altogether. 

The Cyclone’s 135 mph wind I able to lift the dirt and sentiment, successfully cleaning its pores and allowing the water to pass through again.


Facilities and City's Water Maintenance programs work with us to maintain their pervious concrete.

Technology We Use

We are the only company in Western Washington with the Cyclone 5500; a Category 4 hurricane with 135 mph wind and hot water to blast and scour clean surfaces with no damage. It recovers all this waste and water leaving no pooling, no run off or residue and all with just one pass. The air lifts the water and debris off the surface which is contained, and the water recycled by a multi-stage filtration system. This minimizes water usage and extends the cleaning by filtering out the contaminates and converting the water back to clean, reusable water, making it the most environmentally responsible way to clean.


The intent of yesterday’s maintenance was to restore the permeability of the pavement, in order to meet the maintenance requirement.  This type of maintenance had never been performed in the several years since the pavement’s installation.  The trigger for maintenance is 10 inches per hour.  Initial tests prior to yesterday’s maintenance showed nearly zero infiltration for the pavement.  Testing after maintenance yesterday showed rates up to 46 inches per hour. 


Overall, the City is pleased with the results of this initial maintenance effort; and we will continue with this type of maintenance in the future. 


Surface Water Programs Manager, City of Mukilteo

A Jet City


"We started on Hargreaves Court for our first pervious concrete job. We were shocked at the amount of debris the machine was pulling up. We had to stop because it was too much for the machine to handle. The City called out their street sweeper that proceeded to suction in front of the Cyclone and then again after we had passed over the road.

We can use our own street sweeper on other previous concrete jobs, because it was so much more efficient and better for the machine. The job was extremely successful, and know anyone with the need to maintain pervious concrete would benefit from the use of the Cyclone."


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