24/7 Emergency Flood

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Who You Gonna Call!? 425-745-3031!

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Call us right away to minimize damage
  • Flood and water damage emergencies
  • Storm emergencies
  • Fastest drying time with the Incinerator
  • Injector Dryers​
  • Large Structure Drying
  • Sewage and Bio Cleans
  • Clean up and drain excess water
  • Will monitor the job daily
  • Drain sagging walls and ceilings to dry
  • Get life back to normal fast!

What we do

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to take care of your water damage, flood or bio clean emergency. We are always there in 90 minutes or less and have the knowlegde and expertise to take care of your emergency. We have the right equipment for the job and we cost less than the large chains. 

Technology We Use

We have all manner of machinery to handle any water emergency you have. From injector dryers blowing air behind walls so you don’t have to cut out or replace drywall, to the largest dehumidifier in Western Washington, the Incinerator, that can dry many apartments at once, to smaller dehumidifiers and fans or portable heat machines, all to get your residents life back to normal fast. We have the right tool for the job!


“We had a pipe burst and flooded an entire two-story wing of our retirement community, 16 units soaking wet and having to move residents. I called Jet City and they brought The Incinerator and in 24 hours, had the bulk of the moisture gone. This enabled my team to get in and do repairs and get my residents back in their homes weeks faster!

You did the impossible and I cannot tell you how much of a positive impact this had on our residents and on our service team. Jet City you are fantastic!"


Maintenance Supervisor​

A Jet City


"We got an emergency call 10 pm. It was Marie at Washington Oaks about a pipe that burst, flooding a whole wing of her community. Once we got on site extracting the water, we suggested using The Incinerator to dry it out faster. She took the idea to the GM who had never heard of this technology, but approved its use in the hopes of saving time and money, and having it be less time that the residents had to be displaced.

We got The Incinerator going about 9 am and ran to about 9 pm that night. Our staff was on site the entire time monitoring the drying process and additional fans and dehumidifiers. The next morning it was dry enough for them to do repairs and they were able to get the residents back into their homes weeks sooner than other remediation companies could have!"


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