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Mr. Clean Has Nothing On Us!

For 30 years now, Jet City has been cleaning tile in residences, office buildings and apartment communities in the Seattle area. Regular mopping and cleaning, or wrong cleaning methods can leave a residue on your tile which attracts more dirt over time. If its not regularly maintained, permanent staining to the grout can occur.

Grout collects dirt and its porous surface can become permanently stained if not maintained properly. That’s where Jet City comes in.

What we do

We have a professional powerful extraction cleaning system that is designed to deep clean both tile and grout. It uses high pressure hot water to remove embedded dirt in the fine crevices, tile pores and grout. We then use tile brushes and cleaning agents to deep clean and we immediately vacuum the water back up to keep the dirt from going back into your tile, as well as keeping the job nice and neat. We then rinse again.

Technology We Use

The kind of tile or type of flooring is what dictates the equipment we use and the cleaning agents necessary. The tools vary based on natural stone or sealed tile. The tools we use most are the Spinner Hard Surface Cleaner, the Turbo Force Hybrid, the Gecko and the Hydro Force.



"I’ve used Jet City for years and have come to trust them. I called them out on some rough looking lobby tile, unsure they could make it look any better. Their cleaning made the floor look like it did when it was first installed!

They made the lobby tile look brand new! Jet City, they never fail me!"

— KEN —

MU Communities​

A Jet City


"One of our high-rise accounts in downtown Seattle had tile in the entry that looked 30 years old, but it was actually only two. We set to work with the scrubber, and it was amazing! It changed right before our eyes and looked like a completely different floor!

We then used our Gecko edger to hit all the corners and edges of the tile. Before we knew it, the entrance had transformed and looked like new again!"


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