Parking Lot Maintenance

I Wish I Used Jet City From The Start!

Our Tymco Freightliner Sweeper uses air to sweep clean and suction up debris to maintain parking areas.

What we do

Our Freightliner Sweeper can suction out and clean your storm drains and catch basins to help you meet and exceed your city’s mandatory maintenance requirements. We can perform monthly, quarterly or yearly cleanings and can additionally use a backpack blower to blow debris and maintain your property’s parking areas.

We also work with industrial sites and perform monthly lot maintenance to help them meet environmental requirements to avoid hefty fines. We now work with EnCo Environmental and can perform storm drain testing for the multi-family industry.

Technology We Use

Tymco Freightliner Sweeper 600 and 750 backpack blowers.

Getting high readings?

Let us help you! Our thorough careful process takes more time, but it can save you thousands on environmental fees if you don't keep your storm drain readings down. We have proven sucess at lowering readings and keeping you in the safe zone. 

Some of our customers are:

Coca Cola Keurig
Phillps 66 Lynden Trucking
Milgard Windows Auto Warehousing
Polymer Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions


Many cities in Western Washington like Edmonds, Everett, Lynnwood, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Woodinville, and Shoreline, all require the multi-family industry to maintain their storm drains at least once a year. They will come and inspect and properties can get huge fines if they don't. Jet City can clean your storm drains and perform regular maintenance.

“I brought Jet City in for one of my clients with high readings from their storm drains. Jet City was so thorough, and just after one service, the client's readings dropped so drastically they signed them for monthly service

It’s nice to work with a company that cares about doing a good job.”


EnCo Environmental

A Jet City


"All my life I have loved vehicles of all kinds. I enjoy how they work and it's just fun to work with them. My Tymco 600 Freighliner Sweeper is a bit of a bear to drive on the freeway, but once we get to work, it is so much fun, using all the bells and whistles!

I also love to surprise people. One day we get a call from an environmental company who's industrial client was having problems with the readings on their storm drains. They were already using a sweeping company, but their catch basin testing showed their levels only getting worse and were dangerously close to getting fined. They wanted to see what we could do to help.

We get to the job and reps from both companies are on hand. I take it nice and easy, going nice and slow and make sure I hit all the areas thoroughly.

They were shocked when the very first reading post cleaning showed such a huge drop in their readings, they didn't have to worry about fines any longer! "I wish I'd used them from the start," said the industrial Rep. We've been cleaning for them about two years now. 

Impressed with our work ethic, the environmental company has introduced us to more of their clients and we have been keeping Western Washington clean and green!

 Jade Brown, Owner, Jet City Cleaning


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