Pet Damage and Odor Removal


You Don’t Have To Smell Scooby Or His Doo!

We have many tricks up our sleeve with different kinds of treatments to handle whatever your pet can do. No matter how bad it is, we have a way to make it look and smell good again!

What we do

You came home late from work and Buster looked guilty when you walked in the door. You look around and sure enough, you see the present on the carpet! Jet City can spot treat the area with a professional solution to eradicate the smell and clean the area. Our truck mount steam cleaning and professional strength portables can take care of the mess no problem!

Topical Urine Treatment

Treat a urine area topically with urine treatment to eradicate the stain and the smell.

Controlled Flood Pet Urine Treatment
Maybe your situation is a tenant who lets their dog use an area of the carpet as its toilet and when they move out you have to try to save the carpet. Our controlled flood pet urine treatment can eradicate urine odors and save you money from having to replace the carpet. It’s a specialized treatment only we do. It’s an involved process taking time and multiple machines.

Last Ditch Effort
Maybe the pee is so bad, it’s through the pad and into the floor boards. We can clean both sides of the carpet, replace the carpet pad underneath and clean and sanitize the area using an anti-microbial. We can even seal the floor to block out any residual odors that may be in the wood or concrete.

Whether its cigarette smoke, smoke smell from fire damage, food odors like curry or fish, even pet odors, our professional strength ozone can eradicate the smell. It actually kills all the bacteria by removing the oxygen from the environment. It is important that no one is home at the time the ozone is running. We like to leave it running for 24 hours. It will also kill bacteria on your computer keyboard, your toothbrush, on every surface!


Hydroxyl removes odors from the air while people and animals are present. Hydroxyl generators create a reaction using water vapor and O2 already in the air to create Hydroxyl radicals, free electrons and ionized Hydro-Peroxides. When the fan circulates these, they decompose organic and inorganic gasses and air pollutants into carbon dioxide and water. It produces no ozone and is 100% safe to run in inhabited areas.

This is a light pleasant fragrance smell that can brighten the smell in your home.

A fogger actually “burns” an oil-based material that fills a room with a pleasant smell, often of a fruity blend like cherry. Since it puts particulates in the air, it is best to do it in a vacant home as it will cling to fabrics where the scent can linger.

Technology We Use

We have specialized chemicals for urine; ozone machines for dog dander and food smells, deodorization we can use topically or as we clean the carpet and fogger that puts particulates in the air to mask a smell.


"Man, your crew saved my bacon yesterday.  My dog’s bowels exploded all over the living room carpet, and I would have paid almost anything just to have someone else deal with it.  Your crew was fast and efficient, and the rate was terrific

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and PLEASE feel free to use me in your testimonials, unless you don’t want the whole world to know about my dog’s bowels."


Chef Concierge, Cristalla Condominiums

A Jet City


"A new property called us and wanted to replace the carpet cleaners they’d been using. Apparently, they were making promises they couldn’t keep. They had a move out that the previous cleaners said they could save and so they didn’t charge the resident for replacing the carpet.

The previous company tried and it just wasn’t good, they couldn’t get the urine out. At this point the property was going to have to pay for the new carpet. They called us in, we did our “controlled flood” urine treatment and was able to save the carpet. We are still cleaning for them today!"


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