For Property Managers

It’s our job to make yours easier!

We are there for you in a pinch, whether it’s a finicky new resident, a forgetful maintenance supervisor, a naughty puppy in the hallway or just Murphy’s Law, we are there for you when you really need us!

We can email your invoices, load them into OPS, send through other invoice services or leave a copy on site. And to help you stay on top of your account, at the end of each month we send a statement for you to see what is on your account and to help prevent any end of yhear surprises.

We are an active member of WMFHA and NAA and work through Compliance Depot, RMIS, Net Vendor, Vendor Cafe, Nexxus, Paymode-X, and OPS Technology.

Steam cleaning carpets is the best way to ensure you get a clean product. We can clean green and not use any harsh chemicals, we also have ways to clean for chemically sensitive residents. Just tell us when you call or email us.

With our carpet repair we can do anything! We’ve been saving 3 out of 5 carpets for property managers. While we can’t turn an old rag into a new carpet, we can restore it and breathe more life into it. We have a full service repair department and can tackle any repair issue. We can provide estimates for your move outs or walk through a problem carpet with your resident.

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatments kills all stages of life in one afternoon if we can use The Incinerator. For high rises, we would use electric and heat in 24-48 hours. We have a 24 page digital booklet in several languages to help your resident effectively prepare for the heat treatment which takes the bulk of the pressure off your staff.



Renewal cleans: we create a special lease renewal coupon, complete with your property’s logo if you wish to give them a free carpet cleaning. If your property doesn’t do free renewals, we can create a special rate coupon for your residents so they can take advantage of the special rates you’ve negotiated for them.

Bio Cleans in common areas constitute something we need to take care for you right away. Whether its pet urine in the hallways, blood or semen on the lounge couch.

Odor removal, from ozone, deodorization, urine treatments or pad replacement.

Underground Garage Cleaning: Our Cyclone pressure washing cleans and leaves no water run-off or residue, keeping you compliant with Western Washington environmental regulations.

Trash Chute Cleaning using Mosamatic technology to clean and sanitize the garbage chutes.



"Liz - you are the best!! I really appreciate how quickly you get us on the schedule and get invoices back out. We are also very happy with your techs and the service they provide. Overall, just wanted to say we are very happy with Jet City, and glad we made the decision to have you as our vendor!"

– Melissa Rojas, Community Manager –


"Always reliable, always friendly, impeccably professional and trust worthy without fail! Consistently The Best services in the industry, or in any industry for that matter! Jade's Jet City Carpet Cleaning is my 'Go To' carpet service!"

– Donna Burton, Manager Greensview –

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