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Get Your Life Back To Normal Fast!

We are the only company with the technology that can heat large homes, businesses, multi-unit apartments all at once to eradicate bed bugs or dry out water damages. These machines truly can get your life back to normal fast!

From left, the original Incinerator, Incinerator III and Incinterator II.

Why The Incinerator?

The Incinerator uses BlowThru technology which differs from other heating systems using indirect heating where they first heat a surface then pass air over it. To prevent carbon monoxide made from this process from entering the drying environment, heat exchangers are used, acting like a home furnace. This results in 25% to 40% heat loss to your project. So your 250,000 BTU unit may be losing 50,000 BTU’s or more exhausting hot air not being used for drying. The Incinerator delivers over four times the BTUs of competitive systems and delivers 100% of the heat. It uses propane.

Our Incinerator 2 machine is also propane based and is truck-mounted. It’s 750,000 BTU’s of heat is perfect for apartments and smaller homes.

Our Incinerator 3 machine is diesel based and has a drier heat. It too has 750,000 BTU’s and works better than propane in cold temperatures.

Bed Bugs

We now have three Incinerator machines that can heat any size space, large or small. All have controllable heat and can kill bed bugs in one day in large or small homes, warehouses, factories, schools, daycare's, or any other structure needing eradication. No additional treatment necessary and there are no chemicals used so it's safe for your family and pets. Get your life back to normal fast!

Water Damages

For disasters and large floods, you’ll want The Incinerator! Here is where it's patented BlowThru technology comes into play and can remove 250 gallons of water a day! No other dehumidifier or flood remediation equipment can do that! This alleviates a lot of structure loss as well as saving wood flooring, drywall, and tile. It also rescues fine furnishings, documents, and personal belongings to help you get life back to normal fast!

Crawl Space Drying

Our Incinerators can dramatically reduce the time it takes to dry out crawl spaces. Regular remediation equipment has to work on the air trapped in the crawl space. The Incinerator introduces clean dry warm air into the cramped space and draws out the moisture much more effectively and can dry out an area in one day that would take weeks with regular remediation equipment!


Insurance Claims

Our Incinerators will save time and money not only speeding up the drying process but by helping to prevent personal loss and reducing insurance claims. Fine heirlooms, documents, and other property dry in place and don’t require removal, saving time and money.

Temporary Heat

The Incinerator can provide temporary heat to small or large buildings like getting schools ready for reopening, heating commercial structures while people are there working, on construction sites, emergency situations and special events.

We had a pipe burst and flooded an entire two-story wing of our retirement community, 16 units soaking wet and having to move residents. I called Jet City and they brought The Incinerator and in 24 hours, had the bulk of the moisture gone.

You did the impossible and I cannot tell you how much of a positive impact this had on our residents and on our service team. Jet City you are fantastic!



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