Making an appointment

Its simple, just call us 425-745-3031. You can also email us and text the office line 425-745-3031.


Please call 3-4 days ahead in the offseason and 7-10 days in advance in the busy season: June, July, August, September.


You will be given a 3-hour window of arrival with the tech calling you: 30 minutes ahead so you know within that window a more specific time of arrival. It will take them anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to clean the carpet. It depends on the size of your home, the level of soiling and the type of job ordered.


It is always important to vacuum before we arrive, it allows for a deeper cleaning. If you have pets, it’s especially important, as pet hair sticks to the carpet fibers when it gets wet.

If there is a room you do not want us to clean, close the door to that room. It’s company privacy policy to not open closed doors.

Please pick up everything you want us to clean under. This includes area rugs, mats, clothing and plastic computer/office mats.

Pet hair sticks when it gets wet and is very difficult to get up even with our powerful truck mount suction.

Please secure any loose items on shelves that will be near the area we will clean. We try our best to be careful, with the large and we can back into something without realizing it.

Upholstery cleaning

We can clean fabric and microfiber couches. Linen and leather use a different process of dry cleaning which we do not do. Upholstery is $12 a linear foot. It’s the length of your furniture times 12.


If you want to move furniture, please move it ahead of our arrival, we do not have the time to wait while you move it.  We are happy to go around any furniture you leave in place. We will be happy to move your furniture for an additional charge, otherwise we will go around whatever is there. Please feel free to pile things on top of each other or move to hard surfaces.

Area Rugs

We do not consider area rugs as part of your carpet. If you wish your area rugs cleaned, they can be cleaned for an additional charge provided they are not wool. Synthetic area rugs we can do in your home and the price is based on the size of the rug. Wool and silk ornate Oriental or Turkish area rugs we cannot do as there is an extensive drying process that needs to be done to prevent damage which we are not set up for.


Our technician will not enter your home alone with your pet there unattended or not secured. If it is a smaller caged pet, we will enter, but keep in mind there will be unusual sounds and smells for them. Their emotional safety will be up to what you think is best for them. They can be afraid of the carpet cleaning wand and the noise it makes. If you have a sensitive pet its best to remove them during the time of the cleaning. If you have us come while you are at work, put your pet in a safe place in the home where they cannot get out. If we use the truckmount, the hoses will need to come in through the door which will remain ajar. Remember, we don’t open closed doors, so a bathroom could feel like a safe haven for them.

Urine Treatment/Odor Removal

We have many tricks up our sleeve with different kinds of treatments to handle whatever your pet can do. No matter how bad it is, we have a way to make the smell and look good again!

Pay Types

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We accept cash, check and money orders and Zelle payments.

Renewal Cleans

The properties who give free renewal cleans, are giving you a free standard clean. This does not cover stains, extra dirty cleans, area rugs and repairs. If you want more than a standard clean, we are happy to do the work, you will just need to pay for that portion of the clean. Your renewal clean is also not your move out clean. There could be additional work necessary that would still come out of your deposit from the property.


The price may be different than what you discussed with the office person once the tech gets on site and sees the actual condition of your carpet and the kind of job you want done. They will always discuss with you your pricing options and what you could do, but we will only do as you ask us to, so you have complete control.

After the cleaning

Be sure to turn up the heat in your home and crack one window an inch if it’s cold or rainy out. Turn on any ceiling fans. If you have a large home with more than one floor, open one window at opposite ends of the house on each floor about an inch wide. If it’s warm out, open all your windows.

For security reasons, if you live in a rambler or an apartment on the ground floor, we will lock up and leave all the windows closed. It can be too easy for someone to break in. We will not turn up your heat in your absence in case there is some issue with your heater. When you do arrive home, please open up your window or turn on your heat, depending on the time of year.

Company Policy

If you are not home and there are rooms you do not want cleaned, just close the door. It is company policy to not open any closed doors.

Anything extra beyond the scope of work you authorized will not be done. All extra work requires your approval.

Green Cleaning

Do you have allergies? Have you got a baby learning to crawl? The chemicals in our solution are safe for pets and children, but you still may not want us to use this. We have products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and the environment. If you are still sensitive to these, we can use a vinegar solution or just steam.

No matter your sensitivity, we have a method that could work for you.

Set Up and Parking

Upon arriving to your home, our technician will set up for the job. He will need to get within 100 feet of your home to be close enough to use the truck mount. That might mean he will park in an odd place to make sure he can use his hoses. If you are in a high rise or the technician cannot get close enough, please let the office staff know ahead of time. He can use a professional powerful portable carpet cleaning machine if necessary. He will also need to hook up to water, so an outside hose bib or your inside water faucet from a sink will do. Some of our vans can carry clean water on board, so if we know there is not access to water ahead of time, we can make sure to use one of these service vehicles. If we need to use the portable, please let us know the best parking options.


Do I have to be home?

For Seattle and surrounding area apartment dwellers we can go to the community office and pick up your key and let ourselves in. This is called “Permission to Enter” or “PTE.” When done, we will lock up and return the key to the front office. Alternatively, you can hide a key or use a lock box and give us the code. We do not recommend you leave your home unlocked at any time.

For homeowners, you can hide a key or use a lock box and give us the code. Once we do the clean we can lock up and return the key where we found it or follow your instructions on what you’d like us to do. We need to have a payment method on file or you will need to leave a check on the kitchen counter for us to pick up.

Payment when not at home

For both homes and apartments, payment arrangements need to be made before the job. If there is no payment as agreed, we will exit without performing the work.

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