The Jet City Team

Jet city staff

Eric Corier,

Eric has been with the company since 2009, and is known to have one of the best noses in the business! He is able to smell any pet odors or problems in your carpet. His extensive knowledge in repairs and pet treatments makes him one of our best and can restore and save carpets, getting more life out of them for our customers.

He loves baseball, is an avid fantasy baseball player and has two boys.

What customers are saying:
 “Their technicians are very quick and knowledgeable in carpet treatment.  One of my favorite techs is Eric, he's a seasoned tech and always does an outstanding job with not only cleaning but further educating myself and tenants on certain situations regarding carpet care.”

Fack, Manager, Colony at Bear Creek

“Eric is my favorite! He’s so good at what he does, and I just trust him in handling difficult carpets and residents. “

Donna, Manager, Greensview

“Dang Eric did a hell of a great job in my C building. There were stains and footprints from the parking lot sealant where residents walked on it before it was dry, anyway, he got it out. He did an outstanding job!”

Terry, Manager LaBonne Maison Apts

“I wanted to let you know how very pleased I was about Eric’s service on my townhome in Redmond. I’m the realtor who is also the property manager for Windermere that is in need of a regular new carpet cleaner and I think I found it! I was really, really, really, happy with Eric. He’s a pro and he did a great job and I do appreciate it. Thank you so very much! I will be in touch soon with my next job for you!”

Jan Patton, Windermere

“I just wanted to let you know Eric did a fabulous job. Please tell him how much I appreciate it!”
Charlene Chase, resident Avalon Meydenbauer

 "Syd" Hevenor,
Safety Officer, Special Projects

Syd has known Jade for most of his life. They grew up together more like brothers than anything else. Syd's wander lust sent him to Alaska where he met the mother of his children and then lived in Australia for over two decades raising his family. He's been a safety director at major construction work sites in remote regions all over the world and decided to simplify his life and move back to where it all started. He came on board at Jet City as our safety officer for our special projects teams like Cyclone pressure washing, dry ice blasting and bed bug heat treatments. We are excited to have one of our longest term family member's return to the fold.

Sam Colonel
Special Services

Sam grew up in California and moved to the Seattle area 10 years ago to give a better life to his three kids. He's a hard worker and loves a good steak after a heavy day at work. He's in our Specialty Services Department, doing Dry Ice Blasting, Underground Garage Cleaning with the Cyclone, and Pressure Washing. He likes to work out, play baseball and relax with a good book.

Brian Smithson,

More on Brian to come!


Dorothy Spencer,
Office Sanity

Dorothy met Liz about 20 years ago when she was teaching a class through Discover U. She helped organize Liz after her extensive global travels and a strong trusting bond developed. After Liz started at Jet City, she called upon Dorothy to bring her organizational talents to help get things right again. She has been with the company nearly as long as Liz and is considered “Aunt Dorothy.”

Dorothy was #2 in charge at a large insurance broker and helped to grow that business into a large company where she was responsible overseeing 30 agents locally and in other states. Since she retired, she started Esperanza Services and helping Jet City.

Liz MacDonald,
Office Manager

Liz has been with Jet City since August 2008. She stepped in to help out temporarily and has been here ever since. She runs the office, answers the phone, does the marketing, bookkeeping, promotions, creative design and is the social director. She basically makes it all work.

Liz tries her hardest to make the property manager or maintenance supervisor’s job as easy as possible and has created a new proprietary Jet City App. Any of our Maintenance Supervisors or Property Managers can download the App on their smart phone and order services directly from Jet City.

Liz is also a world renown psychic and has traveled the globe with her readings and workshops and is highly respected. She was a radio DJ for 17 years and used to be on the air locally on KISW in Seattle and is the voice, creator and editor of the Jet City video’s. She and Jade are life partners and pleased he now loves to travel as much as she does!

Jade Brown,

This is the man that started it all. He left the carpet cleaning company he had been working for 6 years when it was sold and started Jet City Carpet Cleaning in 1989. Clients followed him because he was so good, he had to hire other staff as word of mouth spread. When he met Liz in 2008, the company had changed its name to Jade’s Jet City Carpet Cleaning and had a great reputation.

Jade’s love of new technology and Liz’s marketing skill launched the company again and it has grown to its largest ever. 2010 saw the start of bed bug heat treatments which was born of opportunity of a great machine and the needs of the multi-family industry. In 2013 it was the same with Dry Ice Blasting, which is as its name describes, 2016 with Vinyl Plank cleaning and the new scrubber, 2017 with Cyclone Technology using 135 mph wind and hot water for underground garage cleaning leaving no residue and our Tymco Sweeper, adding parking lot and industrial cleaning to our arsenal; and then 2018 with the mosamatic head for trash chute cleaning.

Even after all these years, his passion about carpet cleaning hasn’t diminished. Jade keeps working on new ideas and proves our mottos “Technology With Elbow Grease” and “Not Just A Carpet Cleaning Company” are more than just words.

Liz has become Jade’s life partner and he also has two adult children. He loves collecting guns and cars and has quite a classic car collection.

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