"One time a property in Everett had a disgruntled eviction that left their feelings on the carpet with blue spray paint.  Maintenance thought for sure they would have to replace the carpet.

By the time the boss was done, there was no evidence of attitude at all!"

"One job in Burien was the worst we’ve ever seen. It was so infested it had a “bed bug smell” to it. When the home started to get to the instant kill temperature of 122, the bugs were making a beeline to the drains in the bathroom and kitchen to hide.

Our prep booklet makes sure you know to run hot water for a minimum of 3 minutes in every drain in the home when we are done. When the job was completed, the home smelled clean and there were dead bugs everywhere!"

"Our first job was in the worst garage we have done yet. It was corkscrew in its design and had not been cleaned in the 47 years since it was built.

This job taught us quickly that the Cyclone walk behind is too heavy to push uphill and the Cyclone 5500 needs a smooth surface to work well. It cannot go over speed bumps and if there are cracks in the concrete, the water can get trapped. So we are learning all these things and it’s doing a great job getting up all the layers of grease and grime.

It took 2 days to do 13 levels and the end result was fantastic. They were very happy."

"It was first a call to see “could you” and we said sure, we’ll try. It was an inquiry call from Hospital Central Services about their dryer vents. We picked up the vents and started a process that they have come to rely on for 5 years."

"We get this call. Drive up to the place. And even from the outside, we could see this was no ordinary job. There was a Lorem ipsum dolor sit On our first job for EnCo, Jonathan doesn’t know how we work yet, so he was watching us and felt he needed to oversee Jade and make sure he did a good job.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that Jade was thorough even without his input. Over subsequent jobs he began to trust Jade and stopped intervening as the readings were proof of the kind of job Jet City was doing.  He realized we care as much as he does about doing a good job. After all, it’s our reputation on the line!"

"We got an emergency call 10 pm at night, it was Marie at Washington Oaks about a pipe that burst flooding a whole wing of her community. Once our staff was on site extracting the water, we suggested using the Incinerator to dry it out faster. She took the idea the following morning to the GM who had never heard of this technology but approved its use in the hopes of saving time and money and it taking less time the residents had to be displaced.

We got the incinerator going about 9 am and ran to about 9 pm that night. Our staff was on site monitoring the drying process and placing fans and additional dehumidifiers. The next morning it was dry, enough for them to do repairs and they were able to get the residents back into their homes weeks sooner than other remediation companies could have!"

"We started on Hargreaves Court for our first pervious concrete job. We were shocked at the amount of debris the machine was pulling up. We had to stop because it was too much for the machine to handle. The City called out their street sweeper that proceeded to suction in front of the Cyclone and then again after we had passed over the road.

It taught us that we can use our own street sweeper on other previous jobs, but that we need to use it because of how efficient this process was. The job was so successful, we feel confident we can do this work for any city."

"One of our staff was sent to clean a courtyard for a property we service regularly. He took nearly all day on a job that should have only taken 2-3 hours at the most to complete. When he got back I asked him what happened. He said it was so filthy he cleaned all the side areas as well as the courtyard because once the courtyard was cleaned the side yards looked worse.

He didn’t want to leave the job while it still looked bad. Of course, we couldn’t charge for a job they didn’t order, so Merry Christmas in July Parc Square!"

"One of our high-rise accounts downtown Seattle had tile in the entry that looked 30 years old, when it was actually only two. We set to work and first used our scrubber machine in it. We saw it change right before our eyes, like it was a completely different floor!

We then used our Gecko edger to hit all the areas of the tile. Before we knew it, the entrance had transformed and looked like new again!"

Lake 120

"We’d been carpet cleaning at a property in Everett for about 2 years when the Seattle area had a series of heavy rain storms. The parking lot of this community was flooded by about a foot deep of water over a very large area. It kept rising, getting dangerously close to entering resident’s homes. The drain was clogged, and they couldn’t get the situation under control and get it fixed. Jet City to the rescue!

We brought in our sump pump and ran it for two days, as the rain didn’t stop. The water was successfully pumped out and they caught a break with no rain for a couple of days and managed to fix the drain. Two days later, it rained again, and the drain did its job. No more Lake 120!"

"A new property called us and wanted to replace the carpet cleaners they’d been using. Apparently, they were making promises they couldn’t keep. They had a move out that the previous cleaners said they could save and so they didn’t charge the resident for replacing the carpet.

The previous company tried and it just wasn’t good, they couldn’t get the urine out. At this point the property was going to have to pay for the new carpet. They called us in, we did our “controlled flood” urine treatment and was able to save the carpet. We are still cleaning for them today!"

"One time we were called to do a building with 250 blinds to clean. We got there at 9 am and three of us worked all day until 3 am to get them done. When they came to work the next day, all the blinds were back up and looked shiny and clean. But boy, were we tired!"

"We once were storing a friend’s car on our property as a favor to them. Initially, it was to be just for a couple weeks, then the couple weeks turned into 8 months. It was Summer when she dropped the car off, and we didn’t realize she had left the sun roof open and it had been all winter. All the seats had mold, the carpet had mold, the dash had mold! We worked on it and when she came to finally get it, she had no idea it had been covered in mold!"

"An apartment manager we carpet cleaned for was talking to Jade about how frustrated she was that residents were carving cusswords in the walls of her stainless-steel elevator. She didn’t know what to do to get them to stop or to cover it up. Jade said he could take his grinder to it and create “art” for her. But she had to be prepared for it as art and this wasn’t going to be anything exact.

She said go for it, anything was better than the cuss words. Once he was done, she loved how it looked and was very pleased that it looked good enough that people weren’t going to try to carve into it. She told other managers and we soon got more requests."

"All my life I have loved vehicles of all kinds. I enjoy how they work and it's just fun to work with them. My Tymco 600 Freighliner Sweeper is a bit of a bear to drive on the freeway, but once we get to work, it is so much fun, using all the bells and whistles!

I also love to surprise people. One day we get a call from an environmental company who's industrial client was having problems with the readings on their storm drains. They were already using a sweeping company, but their catch basin testing showed their levels only getting worse and were dangerously close to getting fined. They wanted to see what we could do to help.

We get to the job and reps from both companies are on hand. I take it nice and easy, going nice and slow and make sure I hit all the areas thoroughly.

They were shocked when the very first reading post cleaning showed such a huge drop in their readings, they didn't have to worry about fines any longer! "I wish I'd used them from the start," said the industrial Rep. We've been cleaning for them about two years now. 

Impressed with our work ethic, the environmental company has introduced us to more of their clients and we have been keeping Western Washington clean and green!

 Jade Brown, Owner, Jet City Cleaning

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