Apartment Lease Renewals

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Renewed your lease?  Here's how to redeem your coupon. 


Your coupon will have our office number and all you need to do is call to schedule. Please call 3-4 days ahead in the off season and 7-10 days in advance in busy season: June, July, August, September.


You will be given a 3-hour window of arrival with the tech calling you :30 minutes ahead so you know within that window a more specific time of arrival. It will take them anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for him to clean the carpet. It depends on the size of the area, level of soiling and the type of job ordered.


It is always important to vacuum before we arrive, it allows for a deeper cleaning. If you have pets, it’s especially important, as pet hair sticks to the carpet fibers when it gets wet.

If there is a room you do not want us to clean, close the door to that room. It’s company privacy policy to not open closed doors.

If you want to move furniture, please move it ahead of our arrival, we do not have the time to wait while you move it.  We are happy to go around any furniture you leave in place.



Our technician will not enter your home alone with your pet there unattended or not secured. If it is a smaller caged pet, we will enter, but keep in mind there will be unusual sounds and smells for them. Their emotional safety will be up to what you think is best for them. They can be afraid of the carpet cleaning wand and the noise it makes. If you have a sensitive pet its best to remove them during the time of the cleaning. If you have us come while you are at work, put your pet in a safe place in the home where they cannot get out. If we use the truckmount, the hoses will need to come in through the door which will remain ajar. Remember, we don’t open closed doors, so a bathroom could feel like a safe haven for them.

Most resident renewal carpet cleans are paid by the apartment community. They are a standard carpet cleaning using our truckmount steam cleaning machines or our professional portable machines. This clean includes a pre-spray which can get up a lot of dirt. Anything that doesn’t come up with the standard clean is considered additional and would be paid for by the resident if the work is desired:  stains, gum, soap residue, area rugs, repairs and urine treatments would be an extra cost payable by the resident.  We do the job we are paid to do and are happy to add on additional work if you so desire. There are times when a resident says we have a done a bad job when it needed extra work and they were unwilling to pay for it.

Payment for additional services

If you add on services during the job, the payment for that additional work is due at the completion of the job and the tech needs to be paid before he leaves.

Do I have to be home?

For Seattle and surrounding area residents, we can go to the apartment community office and pick up your key and let ourselves in if you will not be home. They won’t know to give us the key unless you tell them. This is called “Permission to Enter” or “PTE.”  Please don’t forget to alert your office of your scheduled cleaning. When done, we will lock up and return the key to the front office. Alternatively, you can hide a key or use a lock box and give us the code. We do not recommend you leave your home unlocked at any time.

If additional work is ordered on a renewal clean and you are not home, payment arrangements need to be made before we come out. If there is no payment as agreed, we will exit without performing the work. If we have a credit card on file, the technician knows to do the work as ordered. If additional work is needed above the job specifications, he can call you to get approval and do it at that time if desired. You will always have control of the work completed.

Your renewal coupon cannot be used to clean your carpet at move out.


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