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Born from the needs of the multi-family industry, we clean trash chutes using Mosmatic pressure washing technology.

what we do

High rises have trash chutes on each floor for residents to dump their trash. Over time these trash chutes become dirty, greasy and stinky with bacteria riddled food remnants and an ideal place for nesting insects and vermin. Jet City will steam clean and sanitize your trash chutes using a Mosmatic pressure jet head. Our process cleans, deodorizes, and is environmentally safe. First, using 3,000 pounds of pressure, we blast the chute clean with a 200° solution of botanical bactericide and insecticide.

Then, we saturate the chute with bacteria and odor killing solutions that continue working between regular cleanings. For your safety and the safety of our environment, we use only EPA registered, FDA approved, natural botanical solutions. Careful of the sprinkler heads in the chutes, we clean floor by floor all the way down to the trash room, thus removing unpleasant odors as we go.  When done, we can hard surface clean your trash room floor, making everything look and smell fresh and clean.

Technology We Use

Mosmatic heads come in many sizes. They fit inside the trash chute and moved between floors as they clean. We can reach temperatures as high as 250° F, less if there are fire suppressant sprinklers, as they would be set off by the hot steam. This combined with 3000 psi pressure, and a disinfectant sterilizing solution, your trash cutes and sterilized and cleaned.


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