Meet The Cyclone

Meet the Cyclone 5500!

The Latest In Pressure Washing Technology!

Using high-pressure recoverable water and high wind, we clean surfaces like they’ve never been cleaned before. The powerful combination of convection wind and hot water scours clean your walkways, stone paths, brick, and concrete leaving no damage, runoff or residue.

The Cyclone walk behind, great for cut in work too.

Technology We Use

The Jet City Cyclone uses 135 mph wind, hot water, and 5500 psi to blast and scour away grease, oil, tire marks, dirt, grime, and fuel residue with just one pass. It leaves no pooling, recovers the water and waste leaving no residue. The airlifts the water and debris off the surface which is contained, and the water recycled by a multi-stage filtration system. This minimizes water usage and extends the cleaning by filtering out the contaminants and converts the water back to clean, reusable water, making it the most environmentally responsible way to pressure wash.


" Oh my god, it’s so much brighter in here. I can’t believe it’s the same garage! That Cyclone machine is awesome!

— JOHN —

Maintenance Supervisor​

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