Truck Mount Steam Cleaning

There are many methods of carpet cleaning. The best one bar none, is truck mount steam cleaning. This is the method we use. We have large carpet cleaning machines mounted inside our vans. The suction and power of these machines truly gets your carpets clean. It’s a water extraction method where the carpet is deeply washed, and the water suctioned back out. Our machines can get as hot as 220 degrees, so the carpets dry fast. It's thorough, deep and we use the best machines available.

The dry-cleaning method leaves chemicals on the surface of the carpet and only cleans the top. It's emulsifying and not actually cleaning.

The bonnet method is similar to dry-cleaning where you buff the top of the carpet and not actually clean the carpet. Here a microfiber cloth is used to emulsify the carpet fibers.

Simex Method - We have a Simex machine with 3 cleaning heads that rotate in all different directions at once. We spray the Simex chemical directly on the carpet which the machine then crystalizes the dirt and soil together. We then follow up with a vacuum.  This is used for hallways where walking on it immediately afterward is necessary. Great for hotels.

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