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Graffiti Removal

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Two ways to remove graffiti. The fastest is more economical, the greenest takes more time.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is an unfortunate occurrence in metropolitan areas. Lucky for you, we have the ability to remove if fast and effectively. No matter if it’s on brick, stone or metal, we use water with a special solution to wash off the paint. See how it comes right off? We use our truck mount machine to pressure wash it clean. Afterwards, if desired, we can suction up the run off, storing it in our on-board holding tank, to dump later responsibly.

Dry Ice Blasting is the green alternative for graffiti removal. Using a compressor, dry ice pellets are propelled at a high rate of speed towards the surface. When it strikes the paint, it freezes, and becomes brittle. The impact converts dry ice into its gaseous form of CO2, which the force sluffs off the surface contaminate without injuring the surface itself. The dry ice has evaporated, leaving only the blown off paint particles behind. It’s a more time consuming process, but the end result leaves a smooth surface with no damage.


Truckmount pressure washing with our special solution and the ability to reclaim the run off, and a greener alternative with Dry Ice Blasting.

"I would not have thought it possible. You got off the graffiti and you did it so quickly. If I didn’t see if with my own eyes, I’d have not believed it"

— Edmund Price —

Facilities Manager

A Jet City


This chemical we've been using is fun to use! It's amazing how it makes the paint wash right off and it feels so satisfying to make the wall "clean" again. Dry ice blasting is a lot more work and costs a lot more, but the fun factor on the chemical removal is through the roof! 


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