Pressure Washing

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Large Or Small, We Have A Tool For All!

We pressure wash entire communities, can use high heat with our carpet cleaning machines and hard surface clean greasy garage floors and immediately reclaim the water. We use 135 mph wind and hit water and clean entire parking lots with the Cyclone 5500, can clean midrise apartments, up to 4-story buildings using a boom lift. Large or small we have a tool for the job!

What we do

Pressure Washing

With smaller jobs where run off is not an issue we can use our hand-held pressure washer. It can effectively clean:

  • driveways, walkways, foyers
  • cement, stone and brick features
  • Stone and Grout Cleaning
  • Paint preparation on buildings, fences and decks, parking lots
  • Clean grease from garage and driveways
  • Gum removal

Hard Surface Cleaning

For smaller areas where runoff is a problem, we can use the hard surface machine which sucks the water back up, leaving no runoff. It runs off our carpet cleaning vans truck mount machine. Once the high-pressure water strikes the surface directly under the head, it’s immediately extracted back up along with the dirt and grime. It’s great for greasy garage floors as our truck mount carpet cleaning machines can get the water as hot as 250 f.

Hard Surface Cleaning is great for:

  • Apartment decks, patios
  • Common areas and courtyards
  • Garage floors
  • Grease removal
  • Moss removal

Simply keeping up with a regular pressure washing regime will not only make your place look great but will help protect your investment! We offer a wide variety of cleaning services in the Lynnwood and Seattle areas.

Technology We Use

Our Cyclone 5500, Cyclone 3000 walk behind, Hard surface “Spinner” machine, and 4000 psi hot water pressure washer.


“We called Jet City to pressure wash my property’s 273 units as well as the office exterior. They were able to get us on the schedule quickly, and the job was completed under the estimated time.

They communicated with us throughout the job, the pricing was budget friendly, and the finished product was awesome!​”


Property Manager​

A Jet City


"One of our staff was sent to clean a courtyard for a property we service regularly. He took nearly all day on a job that should have only taken 2-3 hours at the most to complete. When he got back I asked him what happened. He said it was so filthy he cleaned all the side areas as well as the courtyard because once the courtyard was cleaned the side yards looked worse.

He didn’t want to leave the job while it still looked bad. Of course we couldn’t charge for a job they didn’t order, so Merry Christmas in July Parc Square!"


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