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Jet City kills bed bugs in all stages of life in one afternoon using heat, and we don't use chemicals! For homes we cannot reach with one of our three Incinerators, we have electric heat machines. They're great for high rises and can run 24 to 48 hour hours to effectively kill bed bugs dead, dead dead!  We can heat PODS, moving vans, apartments, townhouses, boats, individual homes large or small, factories, offices, and whole buildings all at once.

We also have an organic biotechnology option. Holding true to using no chemicals, these spores continue to work even after the heat treatment. Great for Senior and Multi-family communities, or spaces where you cannot control what other people are not doing, fixing the ongoing problem!

Click on this for a list of resources to help you prepare.

We have been using the Incinerator since 2010, successfully eradicating bed bugs in Lynnwood, Everett, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Marysville, Renton and even go as far as Ocean Shores, Longbranch and Port Angeles. We kill bed bugs in all stages of life in one afternoon using no chemicals! No follow up is necessary. 

We have created a 24 page digital booklet, available in several languages, to take the guess work out of preparing for your heat treatment. It's complete with pictures, lists of what can and can't be heat treated, and answers a lot of questions. For property managers, this makes your job a lot easier as it answers most preparation questions and takes the bulk of the pressure off your staff. We are always available to answer your residents questions.



To eradicate bed bugs immediately, our heat treatment cannot be beat. A combination of organics and heat is the best 1-2 punch for killing these pests both immediately and ongoing; by eradicating them if they travel from adjacent rooms or apartments. This combination is great for Senior communities or multi-family housing.  Call us to schedule your treatment.



Fungus forms spores as part of its normal life cycle. The specific fungus we use, the Food and Drug administration has been using on food crops to control harmful insects for years. This is biotechnology, not chemcials. The spores grow on the bugs, weaken their immune system and eventually kill them. This cycle typically takes up to 10 days. Once infected, bed bugs take the spores back to their nests and infect the entire nest including any eggs as they hatch.  These organics are not infective or toxic to humans and hold no expected health risks. 

This is a great option for ongoing maintenance to help communities control their bed bug populations. Call now for rates.


Incinerator I, III, and II at work.

Technology We Use

We are the only company in Western Washington with 3 powerful controllable Incinerator Heat Machines.  We can heat whole buildings, large structures, or small apartments in high rises. We have the equipment! For heavily infested units we drill holes between studs along common walls with other homes to act as a barrier, helping to prevent bed bugs from spreading.


“I can not rave enough about how astonishingly WONDERFUL this company was to work with!

I can't thank them enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you!​”

— Grace Bond —

A Jet City


"One bed bug job we had in Burien was the worst we’ve ever seen. It's rare to see a live bed bug during the day unless you have a serious infestation. This apartment had them crawling all over and their fecal matter was on window sills, walls and above the door in open areas, not hiding behind things like their usual habit. It had that sweet/musty “bed bug smell” to it. There were bed bug nests on cardboard boxes in open areas and areas thick with shed skins when they mature. (see left)

When the home started to get to the instant kill temperature of 122, some bugs were making a beeline to the drains in the bathroom and kitchen to hide. Some were going around in circles and dying in place. Our prep booklet makes sure you know to run hot water for a minimum of 3 minutes in every drain in the home when we are done.

When the job was completed, the home smelled clean, no more bed bug smell, and there were dead bugs everywhere!"


"I can not rave enough about how astonishingly WONDERFUL this company was to work with! Finding bed-bugs in your home is something that I would not wish on anybody! The discomfort, embarrassment, and frustration is something that no one should ever have to deal with; but alas, it happens to even the cleanest of people (contrary to popular belief!) I called Jet City on a Monday morning, just to get some general information. How much will it cost, when could you come out to our place, etc... Liz gave me a number and a day; I thanked them for the information and told them I'd most likely give them a call in 24 hours. Fast forward to the next day; I called and asked if they still had the same availability as the day before. Unfortunately, they didn't. They were booked out for a whole week! I was devastated! I asked them to give me a call if anyone else canceled; then went off to do some more research for a different exterminator. After a bit of phone tag, Liz called me back and said "Hey Gracie! We do have a full schedule, but the good news is that one of those spots is for YOU!" How AMAZING is that!?


 I didn't commit to anything on the phone the previous morning, but still, they reserved an entire afternoon, JUST FOR ME! Wow! Fast forward to the day before the treatment; trying to get everything bagged and out of our apartment; I went to 5 different stores in search of clear plastic bags, to no avail. Defeated, I called Liz; and she BROUGHT THE BAGS TO ME! Along with Pro-Strips and the reassurance that everything would be OK, and that they would take care of our bed- bug problem! I have never worked with ANY company with this level of customer service! They are just doing their job, but they do it with such EXCELLENCE, and grace that to them; it's "no big deal!" Well... I'd like to say; that it IS a big deal. This company has succeeded my expectations above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. I would recommend them to anybody looking for any service from a simple carpet cleaning, to a completely discrete bed- bug removal service. I will be coming back to them for any of their provided services for the rest of my life! I guarantee that you will not find another company that makes you feel just as at ease, and taken care of, as Jet City will! Truly, truly a wonderful experience in the midst of something so awful! I can't thank them enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you!​"

- Grace Bond

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