Upholstery Cleaning, Window Blind Cleaning

Jade’s Jet City can come to your home, office, boat, RV, mobile home or vehicle and clean your upholstery, and we’ll leave it looking beautiful!

Aside from cleaning your carpet, you can make your home look and smell great by simply cleaning your upholstery. Renew old couches and chairs and enliven your home. We can clean most fabrics including wool, cotton and synthetics. Some materials including: velvet, velour or leather we cannot clean as they water and steam will ruin them.

Your car is about 8 times more filthy than your home. Spills can be a major issue like this coffee spill. Jade’s Jet City can come to your home or office and clean your car upholstery on site. We can clean the interior of your car for a lot less than it would cost to have a detailer do it.

Office managers have been giving employees the gift of us cleaning the upholstery in their cars. We can come to your work place and spend an afternoon cleaning so when it’s time to head home, the gift is already being appreciated! Call for a quote. We can do it right on site.

Blind Cleaning

On site

Have you got an office building or apartment community that needs its blinds cleaned? At Jet City, we can roll up in our mobile blind cleaning unit and clean large quantities of blinds on site. We can do your entire building in one day!

You have the option of having us taking them down and reinstalling, or you can pile them and we can return to a pile or reinstall. No other carpet cleaning company provides this kind of service.