Large Structural Drying, Water Damage Drying, Home Drying Service

This home had fire damage and was left standing with no heat and empty. We came in to dry it out to prevent mold growth and to make it habitable again.

We are the only company in Western Washington that can dry your large water damages in one day!

We will bring the Incinerator on site and get to work. We can remove over 250 gallons of water a day, over 10 gallons an hour with the Incinerator. We will extract the water with our powerful truck mount machines, float the carpet and pull the pad. We will also bring more fans to blow the hot air around and additional dehumidifiers for corners and harder to reach areas. We can get your large area dried out in 24 hours!

Jet City was called in for a pipe burst flooding an entire wing of a two story retirement community. This displaced residents as both floors were deluged from the broken pipe. We had both floors dried out in 24 hours leaving the residents only displaced one night! This made the management and the residents amazed and so happy we were able to get their life back to normal fast!