Jade’s Jet City is your one stop cleaning vendor you can trust to do it right! From bedbug heat eradication, dry ice blasting, pressure washing and blind cleaning to carpet repair and restoration. We can solve all your cleaning and carpet problems!

Repair Services:


Have you got a glaring stain in the middle of your dining room that just will not come out? We can cut out the stain and replace it with any of your spare carpet, or we can pull carpet from the back of one of your carpeted closets. It is important the carpet we are using to make the patch is of the same dye lot as the area we are patching it into so the colors match as close as possible.

Power Stretching

Does your carpet have a lump in the middle of your living room? Instead of cutting a huge seam in it, we can pull it from either side at the same time and then trim any excess and tuck it back in. You would never know there was any problem when we’re done!

Flood Repair

Water damage is no fun. Your life feels upside down until everything dries and gets put back into place. After we dry your floor from all the moisture, you get new pad installed and put your carpet back into place. We then clean and deodorize it to make it smell fresh and clean again. The water damage will soon be a faded memory as your carpet will look like nothing had ever happened!

Seam Repair

Seams are when two ends of a carpet are pulling apart from each other leaving a hold or split in your carpet. It’s just like splitting the seam in your pants. We can stretch the carpet back into place and repair the seam, or we can patch the area.

Spot or Carpet Dyeing

Are there areas on your carpet that the color changed when you were cleaning up a spot? As long as the carpet fiber is still holding color, we can spot dye it to a less obtrusive color to match your carpet. If your whole carpet looks faded and old, we can dye it a deeper color to help hide its problem areas. It’s not as expensive as you’d think!

Flat Bars, Transition Strips and Clamp Bars

Have you got fraying carpet pulling away from your linoleum or tile? Are you wearing your carpet thin over the door threshold? A flat bar or clamp bar holds the carpet in place as well as a transition strip. Which one used depends on the flooring it is holding onto. They all will keep your carpet in place securely when your carpet butts up to something other than carpet, like tile or linoleum.

Flea Treatment

Once your home is infested with fleas they are hard to get rid of. We can do a carpet clean then use a chemical treatment that activates every time you vacuum for up to 6 months, giving you the best chance to rid your home of the pests

Carpet Restoration

Over the last 25+ years, we have shocked many clients when we save a carpet they were going to throw out. Our motto “technology with elbow grease” means we use our years of experience, the latest technology and good old fashioned hard work to breathe new life into you carpets. We can fluff it up, make it brighter and cleaner like it hasn’t been in years!