New Pressure Washing Technology with the Cyclone 5500.


It’s the fasted and “greenest” way to pressure wash, leaving no run off or residue! Great for undergound parking garages with no drainage!

We have three ways to take care of your pressure washing needs. The newest and fastest is the Cyclone 5500.

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We are staying true to our motto “Technology with Elbow Grease” as we now are getting the newest in pressure washing technology. The Cyclone 5500 simultaneously blast and scours away gum, grease, tire marks, dirt, grime and fuel residue. It recovers all this waste leaving no streaks, no pooling of water and no run off or residue. It fast and leave the area cleaned nearly dry. It can clean:
Narrow Sidewalks
Large Open and Underground Garages
Shopping areas with obstacles
Airport ramps and gates
Industrial Sites
Factory Floors
Parking Garages with no drainage and it recycles water, reusing it making this system fast and “green” leaving no harmful run off or residue.

It works by using 135mph wind, the same as a category 4 cyclone! This combined with heated water cleans the surface with no damage, even hard to clean pervious concrete and asphalt. The air lifts the water and debris off the surface which is contained and the water recycled by a multi-stage filtration system. This minimizes water usage and extends the cleaning by filtering out contaminates and converts the water back to clean, reusable water.

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With smaller jobs where run off is not an issue we can use our hand held pressure washer. It can effectively clean:
  • driveways, walkways, foyers
  • cement, stone and brick features
  • Stone and Grout Cleaning
  • Paint preparation on buildings, fences and decks
  • Clean grease from garage and driveways
  • It’s important to take care of your investment!

For smaller areas where run off is a problem we can use the hard surface machine that sucks the water back up, leaving no run off. Living in the Northwest is beautiful but the moisture is hard on property! Simply keeping up with a regular pressure washing regime will not only make your place look great, but will help protect your investment! Jade’s Jet City gives free estimates and we’ll go where you need us to! Clean vinyl siding, garden ornaments and features like statues, ponds or fountains. Remove unsightly and damaging moss from anywhere. Moss can be slippery when wet, so make sure to have your walkways and paths cleaned regularly. Get ready to paint by having us come out and pressure wash your siding, deck or fence. We can also strip the paint off by using our dry ice blaster. After years of the elements, brick, cement and stone can begin to look worn and beat up. Pressure washing is a thorough and affordable way to clean, improving the look and the value. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services in the Lynwood and Seattle areas.