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The Incinerator is the only bed bug heat extermination system in Western Washington that has 1.2 million BTU’s of controllable heat to eradicate your bed bugs in one afternoon. Heat kills them in all stages of life in only one treatment. It is a chemical-free and completely safe bed bug treatment which gives you the highest quality results with minimum invasion into your life so you can get your life back to normal fast! Our bed bug remediation and treatment system is the best for your home or business in Seattle, Lynwood, Kirkland, and surrounding areas in Washington.

The Incinerator is a stand-alone system with two huge hoses that pump heat into your home. This hot air is able to sink into hard to reach areas behind walls, in ceilings, subfloors and into cracks and crevices that are difficult to treat with traditional chemical pesticides. Also, because these creatures have such a limited range of temperatures in which they can survive, it destroys them at every stage of their life cycle. That means there are no eggs or other survivors to cause a recurrence of the problem. Additionally, no chemical application means no residue or repercussions of the treatment, so it’s safe for your family and pets. So you can get your life back to normal fast!

We use Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) to lay down a barrier between you and the bugs. We puff it behind your walls, along your floor boards and along your walls so when they crawl over it, it cuts up their exoskeleton so they dehydrate and die.

For high rises we use portable electric heat equipment. We will leave the equipment running overnight so you will need to be out of your home for a minimum of 24 hours. Depending upon the level of your infestation, we may decide to leave it 48 hours. We will use D.E. here as well, and if your electric load can take it, we have an additional secret weapon we use to help eradicate them even more effectively. Apartments can be harder to get them all as there are common walls with other homes that they can escape to, so we try to use our secret weapon whenever possible.

Preparation is key to a successful heat treatment! We have a 24 page booklet we can email to you immediately upon booking that helps you prepare. It explains in detail what you need to do with cleaning and prepping, proper bagging techniques and what can and can’t be heat treated. It’s quite compressive.

On the day of the heat treatment, with The Incinerator we will heat your home to 145-155 degrees. Our tech will be on hand during your entire treatment to monitor the progress, manage the sensors and rearrange the fans insure proper heat distribution. If we use electric, our staff will come and set up the equipment and stay on site to get it stabilized and the power balanced, then leave the site for it to heat over night.

Because we are locally owned and owner operated, we are able to offer our service to Snohomish, King and North Pierce Counties with fast and thorough service, even on an emergency basis. We maintain flexible service availability because we know that this problem can strike at any time.

We can heat homes large or small, multi-family apartment communities, treating several homes at a time if necessary, high rises, cruise ships, storage facilities and PODS.
The Incinerator destroys all bed bug infestations quickly and completely. If you think you have bed bugs, call us today to set up your treatment and get your life back to normal fast!

Why Choose Us?

  • Chemical-Free, Thorough Extermination
  • The only company with The Incinerator 1.2 million BTU’s of controllable heat
  • 24 page preparation booklet with pictures and complete lists
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority
  • Get Rid of Your Bed Bugs in ONE Treatment
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Prompt, Professional Service
  • Quick Responses & Thorough Work
  • Higher Efficiency Means Lower Costs For YOU!