Owner Jade Brown worked six years for other local carpet cleaning companies before starting Jet City on his own in 1989. One of his favorite things is to shock maintenance supervisors and property managers by saving a carpet they thought was hopeless. Even after all these years his passion about carpet cleaning hasn’t diminished. Jade keeps working on new ideas and proves our motto “Technology With Elbow Grease” are not just words. In 2015 we started Jet City Dry Ice Blasting. This new technology uses frozen carbon dioxide, dry ice, and with high pressure focusing the pellets to clean a surface. The dry ice evaporates leaving no residue except the contaminate we just blew off. It’s the deepest dry cleaning available. In 2010 Jade created “The Incinerator,” a Jet City subsidiary using 1.2 billion BTU’s of heat to kill bed bugs and dry out large water damages. Jade has two children and is engaged to the office manager, Liz MacDonald. He loves collecting guns and cars and has quite a classic car collection.


Eric is our Supervisor. He learned from Jade in 2001 and took that training to other companies. He has since come back and has been working with Jet City since 2009. He’s got the best nose in the business and is able to smell any pet odors or problems in your carpet. His extensive knowledge in repairs and pet treatments makes him one of our best. He loves baseball, is an avid fantasy baseball player and loves to spend time with his two boys.



Antonio grew up in Oklahoma and moved to Seattle for family in 2004. He met a woman who was to become his wife and never left! He joined the Jet City Crew in March of 2016 after managing a warehouse where he climbed the ladder and couldn’t get any further. It was unfulfilling. He enjoys carpet cleaning because he loves to meet so many different people and even surprises himself sometimes with how he can make an extremely dirty carpet look great again! In his spare time he loves to box and is currently in training.



Liz has been with Jet City since August 2008. She stepped in to help out temporarily and has been here ever since. She runs the office, does the bookkeeping, answers the phone, does the marketing, promotions, creative design and is the social director. She basically makes it all work. Liz tries her hardest to make the property manager or maintenance supervisor’s job as easy as possible and has created a new proprietary Jet City App. Any of our Maintenance Supervisors or Property Managers can download the App on their smart phone and order services directly from Jet City.

Liz is also a world renown psychic and has traveled the globe with her readings and workshops and is highly respected. She was a radio DJ for 17 years and used to be on the air locally on KISW in Seattle and is the voice and creator of the Jet City video’s. She is engaged to Jade Brown and loves to travel and scuba dive.