24 Hour Emergency Water, Storm, Sewage and Bio Cleaning Service

  • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Call us right away to minimize damage
  • Flood and water damage emergencies
  • Storm and FEMA emergencies
  • Fastest drying time with the Incinerator
  • Large Structure Drying
  • Sewage and Bio Cleans
  • Clean up and drain excess water
  • Will monitor the job daily
  • Drain sagging walls and ceilings to dry
  • Get life back to normal fast!

We all know accidents can happen! Jet City will arrive on site any time of the day or night. We give you peace of mind knowing that we’ll do everything we can to preserve your things and minimize damage!


No matter the size of your emergency, Jet City has what you need. We are fast, professional and better priced.


Jet City will come and evacuate the area of sewage and remove the contaminated carpeting and pad. We’ll then clean, sanitize and dry the affected area and return it to pre-loss condition. With our bio cleans we’ll also clean blood, feces and vomit. We do what is necessary to get your life back to normal fast! Call Jet City Cleaning 425 745 3031.